My fist blog/reflection #eci831

Hello, my name is Chalyn Smith and this is my first blog entry in a very long time, and first for my Masters class in ECI 831. I hope to use this blog to help me through the journey of learning how to incorporate technology into the classroom. I love using technology, it helps make my everyday life more manageable and the best part is that I find it easy to use.  My favorite use of technology is social media. I love being connected to the world around me and to friends/family. I am old enough to remember a world that was not so automatic, and at times, I miss the simple ways of communication; I cannot remember the last time I picked up the phone to call someone and have a conversation with. Now to often we inbox or text a friend. I recall being in grade 7 through 12 and being on the phone for hours. Knowing that technology and social media will not go away anytime soon I am going to roll with it and enjoy the many tools that are out there.

Hands forming the word blog


2 thoughts on “My fist blog/reflection #eci831

    1. Nowadays, I only chat on the phone with a few people. I used to enjoy racing to answer the phone as a kid. A few years ago, we cut our landline phone. The only one who it annoys is my husband’s mother , as she will just call his cell and he is always too busy to call her.


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