Sunday funday!


Well, week one of my healthy lifestyle went pretty well. I worked hard to make my step goal and stick to My Fitness Pal. I recommend trying out the My Fitness Pal App it is a wonderful visual, that lets you see what you are eating, it even breaks down the nutrients you are taking in.  I challenge you all to try it for one week, c’mon it’s free!  I ahve it on my Samsung Galaxy and I used to have it on an Iphone as well!

My plan is trying out my new recipe this Tuesday.  I already have a good one in mind.  Just yesterday, I managed to do some grocery shopping. Costco on a weekend wasn’t that bad after fighting to enter the parking lot, having a showdown for a parking spot, things went better than expected inside the store.costco




I had fun locating new products to try, many of which contain all sorts of healthy stuff.  I think my mistake in heading to Costco was inviting my husband to come on my usual Sunday grocery run.  His eyes tend to get big when he sees all the wonderful Costco delicacies. I have some self control and can talk myself out of a few rash purchases.  Him on the other hand, goes all crazy. Although, I was very proud that he was reading labels along with me.  We were at Costco for over 2 hours.  I try to include a lot of protein in my daily food intake, and after research I found out that brown rice and quinoa are sources of protein.  This week I decided to try a new Costco find called Aussie Bites.  download
My cart was overflowing with Costco goods.  I think one of the Costco perks was topping up my fuel tank for $22.00. As you can see, the fuel was the cheap part of the trip.  Luckily we always split the bill at Costco, my half $200.00, and I certainly didn’t put those egg rolls in the cart!!

20160131_152835 20160131_152048

Costco is wonderful and all, but I find that they don’t carry everything that you need, so I also made a pit stop at Walmart. My husband stayed in the car, he was played out, haha.  I managed to grab some extra produce, smaller quantities of Greek Yogurt, and a few other random things.  Again spend, spend, spend, well for one day anyway.  Walmart costed me another $102.00.  My fridge, freezer and cupboards will be full for awhile.FOOD





More about Aussie Bites.  I couldn’t wait to get home and bust these open.  They looked delicious.  What drew me to them was the ingredients.  The ingredients include: Whole grain rolled oats, Whole grain oat flour, Unsalted butter, expeller pressed canola oil, Sugar, Honey, Dried apricots, Raisins, Sunflower kernels, Flax seeds, Shredded coconut, Baking soda and Salt. Seems like a  healthy snack.  The only thing is  you need to pay attention to how much you are eating. The 130 calories is not bad for a snack, but if you eat two or three that is another story.  I do recommend this purchase, you get quite a few for the price and they are so so so tasty as a treat.  My husband and coworker thought they were yummy as well.  I rate them two thumbs up.  I am going to attempt to find a recipe to make my own.  Shouldn’t be that hard, with just a few ingredients.  Although, sometimes I find that between the cost of ingredients and your time, it is cheaper and easier to just buy things, however it is also good to know what you put in your cooking!!
I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful week and finds happiness and health!!


6 thoughts on “Sunday funday!

  1. Love your article. I will definitely download My Fitness pal app and start using it. Need to lose weight and start tracking my food intake. My problem is portions. I eat way too many. Signed up for a half marathon to try and get on track. We will see how I do. Those aussie bites are awesome. I have two for breakfasts and sometimes snacks too. I look forward to reading more. Grad student from the states.


    1. Yes portion control is a huge thing. Something I have struggle with my whole life. My weight has always been a struggle but I am hoping that I am able to help my step daughter while she is young so she doesn’t have have the same struggles as I did growing up.


  2. In Health Science 20 the students use My Fitness Pal as a resource for one of their projects! Really good logging of health info app!

    Keep up the healthy work! 🙂


    1. I really do enjoy the app, if you get technical you can set goals for protein, fat and carbs. I asked a friend is the paid version with added features was worth it? she said yes, but I am just too cheep!!


    1. It really does add up, especially with the rising cost of produce and meat. Some how the price of ichyban hasn’t gone up. I once read instead of asking why good food is so expensive, as why unhealthy food is so cheep!!


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