Loaded Turkey Sante Fe Boats

As promised I tried a new recipe tonight.  I follow the Skinny Taste Page on my Facebook feed, so finding a recipe was just a matter of looking back to something I saved.  Skinny potato skins loaded with mildly spiced turkey, black beans, corn and tomatoes topped with cheese – you won’t be able to stop at just one!

I only had to grab a few ingredients from the store on the way home.  The prep wasn’t that bad, perh20160202_163242aps next time I would bake the potatoes the night before so I didn’t have that much for prep.  I did modify the recipe by using low sodium taco seasoning instead of doing it with garlic and cilantro.  I think I would continue adding black beans in with my taco meat, as they are a great source of protein, the corn was fun too.  I made sure to cook extra meat, that way I can have a taco salad for lunch too.  Sometimes I will pop it in the freezer so I can have a quick tasty salad when I am in a rush. My family and myself quite enjoyed the recipe.  Try it out yourself.

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14 thoughts on “Loaded Turkey Sante Fe Boats

    1. I couldn’t resist posting the first thing that came to mind. Despite my affinity for shiny, lightweight road bikes with capsno/rlabtic parts, I really do like Rivendell. In fact, I would love to have a Quickbeam with about a foot of seatpost exposed (I would at least use an aluminum seatpost instead of carbon, so no heart attacks please). Seriously though, even though I don’t agree with everything in it, The Rivendell Reader is one of the best bike publications around.


  1. Hi, Chalyn. This looks delicious, thank you for sharing. I am not good at cooking western-style food, but I want to learn how to do that during the time I study here. I will keeping following your blog. 🙂


  2. Som hockeysupporter är jag orolig över horeoysuppkrtracs inställning till Lakers,baserat på vad AB eller Expressen tror och tycker.Kan tidningarna verkligen bestämma så lätt vad ni ska tycka?


  3. Funnily I mentioned this to a conference organiser for a well known upcoming conference, and hopefully this and BarCamp type presentations (presentations that people suggest from the delegates rather than presenters) will becoming a bigger fixture in conferences.


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