Blogging is making me smarter??

22162400751_5dd3564688_mI really enjoyed the reading Why Even the Worst Bloggers Are Making Us Smarter.  I found some amazing facts: 154.6 billion emails are sent daily, I just think of some days when I open my inbox and there are a few.  3.6 trillion word are shared daily on social media, wow, I guess if we consider Facebook, twitter and other outlets this is not surprising.  It is hard for me to think that the internet wasn’t so rampant in my life.  I can think back to being about 18 and paying for AOL on my first credit card.  The dial-up sound is still fresh in my mind.  I think that children are lucky to grow up in this age of “know where to”.  My younger cousins knew how to operate a computer at age 3 and 4 and this was in the early 90’s, I was jealous.  I understand how time have shifted and with the access to internet as a platform has allowed for people to begin to share their ideas in a public space, it was rare for people to write for pleasure. Mind baffling that we can’t get student to put many words on paper, but I am sure at night social media is-a-booming.  Social media allows the world to share their ideas, good and bad for the world to see.  Not that long ago, I was explaining a 3D printer to my student, we looked at how a group printed a 3D leg for a dog, then we took a look at how the technology could be used for humans.  It was well understood that 3D printers were great for printing limbs for kid as they quickly grow and a new one could be printed as needed for minimal cost.  We also came across a controversy of open online plans for a 3D gun.  We had a great discussion of “sharing bad ideas for the world to see”.  I also watch a series called The Good Wife , the issue of the 3D gun came up as a court case, as someone printed the gun and it malfunctioned injuring someone.  While watching, I thought it is kinds neat how the idea of open online sharing made its way into a TV series, I guess even law and order is fictional but based on real events that we sometimes see pop up in the news. It is true we tend to polish our writing and make it better for an audience.  I do apologize that this entry is not my best, as I am battling a cold and utter exhaustion all at the same time, I can not countdown the days fast enough for my February break .

Success in a MOOC

I have come to realize that our online course is a MOOC.  I think it is a wonderful way to take a14356082501_97627d11ac_m course.  It is true, the more that you put into the class and the reading the more you will get out of it.  I like that I can work at my own pace.  My colleague enjoys that she can connect from anywhere she is at the time, but I enjoy sitting on my couch.  I do find it a little annoying that my husband has to peak at my computer and check everyone out haha, or when my dog needs to go outside and I have to get up.

I think it is neat that my blog is exactly where I declare my knowledge about healthy eating.  I am enjoying my Digital learning project.  I am a little shy, as I haven’t lead on to too many friends
that I have a blog.

I also enjoyed Dave’s presentation on Rhizomatic learning.  In fact I hadn’t heard about it prior to this class. What I got out of his presentation was that it is similar to inquiry  learning. Students are responsible for their own learning; it doesn’t just stop after an assignment is handed in or a unit is completed. Learning should be ongoing and is considered a process. Through learning new questions and new understandings develop it can and will lead to more research or a completion of a project.  Somehow inquiry learning is a bit of a tough one for my teacher ways.  I like to take the lead, have the info and deliver it to the students. I do understand that students in this day and age should be allowed to have some control in their learning.

If anyone has any examples of inquiry based project in the middle years I would love to hear from you!


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