2 Ingredient Banana Pancake Fail!

Wow, my whole week off has flew by.  sadly, I spend many days in bed with possibly the flu.  I did make it to the doctor’s to get some antibiotics for a lung/ throat infection.  I would have never guessed that the flu (Influenza) is more of a respiratory illness, I always thought of it as stomach issues, but that is usually only with children not adults. My husband and I were both useless for the week.  Well now that I have my appetite back I thought I would try a recipe that I have been curious about for awhile. Today I gave into one of the popular recipes that is always showing up on my Facebook news feed, 2- Ingredient Banana Pancakes.

The recipe is super easy.  Mash banana, scramble eggs in a bowl, combine and fry. I love pancakes so I thought, mmm a nice healthy version of one of my favorites.



After mixing the eggs and banana, I knew the consistency of a typical pancake was not there.  After they were cooked, I tried the pancake, not what I expected but it certainly was banana flavored egg.  I had a bite and decided that it wasn’t really for me.  I also had my husband try it, yeah he didn’t care much for my creation either.  However, my dog Kodah loves bananas.  He was very excited for the recipe fail.

I will note that while hyperlinking the recipe I noticed “These are pancakes in the sense that they’re cooked on a stove top and are lovely drenched with syrup, but they are definitely not a replacement for your favorite Saturday morning recipe”.  I guess lesson learned always read the  whole recipe, even if there are only 2 ingredients!  I hope the next week finds everyone healthy and happy!!  


4 thoughts on “2 Ingredient Banana Pancake Fail!

  1. Haha I’m so sad that they didn’t turn out. They sounded really good and easy. Something I could maybe try. I am happy Kodah got to enjoy the masterpiece. I’m looking forward to your next creation!


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