Trying to Stay Hip

960357_1_0125-Facebook-friends-real-life_standardI really enjoyed the article Why many kids are leaving social networks.  I like to take pencil and paper notes as I am reading, this allows me to reflect as I am writing my blog. Once upon a time I signed up for both Snapchat and  Instagram but have never done anything with it. Occasionally I will receive a Snapchat and will feel odd as I don’t even have a good reply. However, my 17 year-old step daughter is all over it like nobody’s business.  I think that it is wild that 11 million people have fled Facebook and shifted to Instragram. I find it odd when someone admits they don’t have Facebook!  It is even more interesting that shift is moving from broadcasting to narrow-casting, much more of an intimate exchange with the use of Snapchat and  Messenger.

The article grouped me into the older crowd who uses Pinterest and Twitter.  Twitter is also very new to me, but I am trying to keep up with the tweets and re-tweets! Ojhf the people who are on Facebook, 70% are on at least once a day.  Whenever I have a down minute, I am often staring deep into my phone and checking my Facebook.  I even have my grandma signed up for Facebook.  I guess this is where the shifting demographic comes in, older people using Facebook to connect with family.  My cousin hasn’t added my grandma and she is quite perturbed about it!  The management of pictures is something that makes sense to me as my grandma was creeping my pictures and found one of me smoking at university like 15 years ago, then she commented. I guess by not adding my grandma my cousin is trying to avoid all the grief. I do admit when looking at my Facebook, I am not usually making a status rather just creeping everyone else.  After reading this line in the article about no contributing, I have made a point to add my statuses not just swim through everyone’s.

The article Teens, social media, & technology overview 2015 had a lot of great info.  I think I could be lumped into the category of teens that are constantly connected.  I continuously on my cell phone looking something up or Facebooking around as I call it. Many of the teens that go to the school I teach at do not have cell phones, it is just not something that is part of their daily lives.  They may be connected to others at home through an Xbox Live or even head to the library to go on FaceBook.

imgresA guidebook for social media in the classroom was a great article that made me think.  I believe that we should continue to teach pen and paper letter writing to students.  It is a skill that will be needed on occasion.  Just last week I had to type a letter to submit with an application I was sending it.  I also believe that teaching students how to send an email is an important skill they they will use over and over in their lifetime. I believe that there are many awesome uses for social media in the classroom. As a class we tend to turn to the computer for examples and all sorts of ready made learning projects. When will I be brave enough to make a YouTube video with my students?

I also enjoyed this short article How Teens Are Really Using Social Media.  Sometimes short and to the point visual is a nice way for info to be presented. i do believe that kids are spending more and more time connected which is n’t a bad thing as long as it is monitored.  As a teacher I know that some of my students are coming to school exhausted as their devices are in their room, and they are on them all night long.  I do also think that it is a concern as kids can longer get away from a bully when they are at home, as the bully can still get to them online.  I think that parents have to teach their children boundaries and rules when allowing then to have Snapchat or Facebook. AskFM did cause problems for my step daughter as it became a way for bullies to be anonymous.  I also noticed this advertisement from TeenShield  which will let you know everything about your child’s digital world, I would be mortified if my parents had that when I was growing up.

The short video Snapchat murders Facebook was neat in the sense I didn’t know much about Snapchatnm before this class and the readings.  I hadn’t even heard of Friendster before this video. The power of Snapchat became evident as Just last night at the Brad Paisley he interacted with the audience by taking selfies and making Snapchats on audience member’s phone.  I mentioned it to my Step Daughter and she said her friend was making a little snap video of the concert when Brad grabbed her phone and starting singing into it. 





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