I think I know what it memes!

The article  Why teenagers are ‘self-trolling’ on websites like Reddit was super sad to me .  It hurts my heart that teens would actually post pictures of themselves and asks others to pick them apart.  What a sad and scary world to be raising children in.  I know that as humans we are often our own worst critic.  Teenagers are the most vulnerable in terms of mental health and developing a positive self esteem, I can’t imagine why on earth they would want to make themselves vulnerable by inviting others to attack them. It is even more heartbreaking when the teens are roasting themselves using fake accounts.  I have to say that Ask FM is something I have heard about as my step daughter became a target of cyber bullying, she was instantly turned off of the fact that bullies become anonymous.

I enjoyed the read What does it all meme? I do think that meme’s can be fun, in fact I enjoyed a little app imageson my phone that allows you to create your own.  This creating meme’s fad lasted only a short time in my friends circle. However, I do enjoy when Friday meme’s circulate.  I enjoy when people start posting their meme’s online, I screen shot only the best ones.  What is your take on meme’s? 

The article Absolutely everything you need to know about 4chan was also a great read.  I had never heard of the website before.  I do think that not needing a user name make the posts way too anonymous  as their is no accountability.  It is kinda bizarre that we really don’t know who uses the 4 chan site, but I think shady characters are definitely congregating there online.  I do see that 4 chan is a forum to post all sorts of normal everyday things but some of the  boards are just too messed up.  I do understand why 4 chan is seen as the unknown boogeyman. 

The National Post article Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum is designed to help students cope was also an excellent read. I think that the internet is so wide open, especially at schools.  I think that there is a need for stricter protocols regarding the internet.  I think it is important to talk to students about porn and it should most defiantly be in the curriculum. I think that the digital security is very week at my school. A foster parent of one of my students called me to inform me that she found an inappropriate picture on the child cell phone.  When she asked how he go the photo, he mentioned he came across it on the school computer.  First the cell phone that he took the photo on was an older style Motorola with a screen that was about 2 inches. Second the lady and her husband to examine the photo for along time to even make out the very blurry image. I kinda had a little chuckle about how her husband had to really examine the photo haha. I ended up having a chat with the student about using school computers appropriately and being mature when such images pop.  I was also able to touch on growing up and being curious but I also reminded him that he is still just a kid, and he should be in no rush to grow up.

The final article imgresYik Yak app: Why schools are concerned spoke about the anonymous messing app that used location to bring yakkers together.  I understand how Yik Yak can become so negative in a short period of time.  The fact that no one knows who is posting make Yik Yak become scary as people become keyboard warriors and can say what ever they want with no repercussions.  I do think that this game of wack a mole gives teachers an opportunity to encourage students to do the right think and be responsible and report behavior that is out of line.  This goes with any social media or app, citizens have a duty to make good choices and help other do the right thing as well, as at times the internet is not as anonymous as it looks. I believe that as a parent and teacher we should know about how these social media apps work. Long ago i downloaded the app, read some posts then quickly got bored of what was going on around me.  But I could only imagine if I was close to a high school how my feed would look a lot different.  I am also aware that a high school in Regina had an issue with Yik Yak as a teacher became a subject of a Yak.  The principal went over the loudspeaker and actually spoke to the students and talked about the police becoming involved in the heated situation. The app is no banned in the school, and a little message appears that it is only available for universities. 


4 thoughts on “I think I know what it memes!

  1. I have to agree that there needs to be stricter protocols regarding the internet. I know that our older students are constantly on their Facebook or on YouTube listening to inappropriate music after checking the history of the computers. I know this goes back to the teacher monitoring what sites students are on and teaching them how to use a computer appropriately. In saying this, I think with the limited internet access in our students homes, the internet at school is being used to check their social media accounts whenever they have the chance. I thought most of these sites were blocked by division but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


  2. I was a little distraught when when my students were being too irresponsible on the internet, I asked Tech services to block certain sites as it was getting out of control in terms of what students were accessing, websites such as Omegal: a website dedicated to talking to strangers and also another called Stranger chat. I called tech services and was told the problem could not be re mediated by me, rather it needed to be looked at by the principals of all school.


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