The good, the bad, the online identity!!

In the article Land your dream job using Google Adwords, I thought that Alec Brownstein had an amazing idea that creatively landed him a job.  Alec was able to think outside the box and purchase Google AdWords on his favorite creative directors  Google search results. His method produced the result headword wanted, a job!!  My husband always say “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”, which would always lead me to follow up with an employer.  My calls and visits would hopefully remind them that I was a great choice for the job.  I think that the article

Forget the resume: Online profiles the tool of young job seekers goes hand in hand with Alec Brownstein’s method.  I think that job seekers should “brand” themselves with professional handles on social media.  I just had this conversation with my step daughter who is 17.  She is applying for nursing and I suggested that she choose a more profession email, as punkgirl_757 might not send the right signals to a future empavrilloyer.  I explained that although Avril Lavine was your inspiration many years ago, the words punk may give off the wrong vibe.  I did give the example of my cousin who is 20 just getting around to changing his email from spongebobjtd, although his sister is just slightly more professional at kylaisasweetangle.  We laughed so hard because she was not alone is taking the leap from her first email to a more polished mature one.

I am sure that you too, have been told the horror stories about teachers loosing their jobs over Facebook posts, or that future employers “search you up” when they are potentially looking at employing you. Reputation management and social media  are very important in the modern world.  I will admit that I have googled myself in the past but nothing horrible came up, see the image below haha!!  But I will admit that I am not one to search for people from my past to reconnect, I wouldn’t even know who I would like to reconnect with? The unfriending doesn’t really attract me on Facebook but in the mind of a 17 year old, anyone who’s statuses pgoogleiss her off, she drops, basically people she doesn’t want to associate with.  When I am on social media I try to stay pretty neutral, I don’t look to ruffle anyone feathers and I try to avoid people from my past.  I do find it funny when complete strangers will try add me on Facebook.  



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