Ups and downs of health

Well this past 2 weeks have been tough on me in terms of fighting off my illness.  Just when I have started to feel better my Fitbit decides to malfunction and quit syncing.  I guess that goes with technology.  I did call for tech support, they offered meimgres  25% off a new one purchased from Fitbit.  After checking out their website I decided that the Fitbit Alta was the one for me.  It is just so beautiful and has many features.

I am also a fan of the Charge HR which has more of a watch style clasp.  I did lose my first Fitbit so clasp security is important to me.  After I lost the Fitbit Flex  I called tech support and asked if there way anyway that imgresI could locate my lost tracker.  They suggested that I used the Bluetooth, but it would no sync so it was obviously out of range.  I was so lucky that they sent me a replacement, I went from the saddest to the happiest girl all in about an hour.  I needed a way to secure my Flex.  I went online and was lucky to find that their is a product called Bitbelt that adds security so that your Fitbit or any other wearaimgresble will never fall off again.  I have no clue why Fitbit won’t change their clasps, okay maybe I do, people will just buy another.  People who use Fitbits just love them.  There are challenges that you can enter with friends who have Fitbits.

I did find this chart that compared the two that I was interested in but the more I think about it I don’t think that I need to know my heart rate, in fact I would probably obsess over it haha.  I did find a complete comparison of the Alta vs Charge HR.

Price $129.95 from Fitbit $149.95 from Fitbit
Color Black, plum, blue, teal Black, plum, blue, teal, tangerine
All-day activity tracking Yes Yes
Sleep monitoring Yes Yes
Call notifications Yes Yes
Text notifications Yes No
Heart rate monitoring No Yes
Battery life Up to 5 days Up to 5 days
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BuyFitbit Alta
BuyCharge HR

My friend just returned from Costa Rica and was heart broken that her Fitbit disappeared from her hotel room.  She was also offered the 25% off.  I think she will be going with the Alta as well, but the heart breaking part is that it is not available until end of March.

The next challenge I am having is joining an online community for healthy eating, one of the sign up questions that I came across on SparkPeople was about pregnancy. Surprise I am pregnant which has thrown off my whole eating plan.  I usually drink a Herbalife protein shake or 2 a day and now I have focused on getting my nutrition from food. I did find a community at Baby Center but I am finding that they are focusing on other things beside nutrition.. So My search continues!!