Do you sleep with the door open or door closed?

What a title hey? I started thinking about how this course allows for us to have open communication versus having a closed forum, then I though about the door for learning being opened or closed.  I like to sleep with my bedroom door open but my husband prefers it closed.  I guess that having communication forums closed could be a preference for some people but just like my bedroom door, I like it open.

As a learner I have not had much experience outside of this course in terms of open online space.  I appreciate the Google+ Community for so many different reasons.  I love being able to post a quick question or even a fabulous article or medium that I feel reliant to our course.  Our Google+ Community is so supportive and helpful of one another, I find that just by reading different posts it saves me from running into common pitfalls. So far I have taken eight Grad Courses and feel that a Google+ Community would have been an asset to all courses, it allows us to pose different questions, share insights or ask each other for help as needed. University students are often given information in UR Courses but I think the experience would be so much different if there were a way to allow students to communicate in an open space.  I think that our course has really come alive with the use of the Google+ Community. The community can offer us so much more than what is being taught in the course.  Allowing students to become each others’ co-teacher.  Our blogs have also allowed us to learn from others, Amy mentions that “we learn from others’ perspectives while considering our own”.

I agree with Ashley that we must consider the age of the students when we decide to use an open or closed forum. I definitely think that younger students should have closed forums in order to protect them.  Although, I think that allowing parents, caregivers, or even classmates the opportunity to comment or share would allow for meaningful learning.  Amiee also mentions that student safety is a valid concern for educators. Shes also points out that students may have already become immersed into social media, but we should still consider that we are putting them into a wide open public space where we may not always be able to protect them in  an open forum.

Although, educators such as myself have to realize that students are developing their own digital footprint, this is where we have the teaching moments! I think that teachers can help students understand that there is no going back once pictures or even text hits the net.

Like Ashley, I too have enjoyed the break from blogging and being able to focus on my content creation has been wonderful.  My group even had time to meet up last week and go over some of the fine tuning of our course prototype. I feel that my group has made some great strides in getting our course up and running.  I know that with just a little more tweeking my module will be up and running.

Have you ever experienced any negativity in using an open forum?


7 thoughts on “Do you sleep with the door open or door closed?

  1. Chalyn, great post!! I do agree that the google plus community is great! It is a community where I feel supported, comfortable asking questions, posting etc. I also agree that the age of our students would be a deciding factor in whether we used a closed or open forum in our classrooms….. oh yes, and your blog post title is great!!!! 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading my blog Jayme. I am finding that the more classes I take with Alec and Katia the more comfortable I get in the community. I love that our group is so willing to help each other!


  2. Hi Chalyn, Your beautiful image of the door caught my eye! I prefer the door open (for sleeping … not speaking figuratively, here!). I think the main reason is so that I can hear if my children fall out of bed, get up to go to the bathroom, or need me for any reason. Although I don’t “welcome” their nightly interruptions to my sleep, they are relatively innocuous. Strangers… out there …. online … with their hateful words and crude language … not so harmless. As far as my “teaching space” is concerned… mine is still quite tightly closed. I do teach high school … so, I’m sure that my worry is pointless, as these students are constantly exploring “open cyber spaces” away from the classroom. I guess I just don’t want to be the one to lead them to those “haters”. On another note, as a learner, I agree that Google+ has been fantastic! I really can’t imagine a grad class without it (after two like this).


    1. Thanks for reading my blog Nancy! I am a new mom and am finding that I am so quick to jump up when I hear my baby on the monitor. In fact, I think I made it hard for him to roll over and go back to bed, rather he knows I will be coming. In terms of students I myself am very weary about teaching in an open space. I have taught a behavioral class for the last five years, and I have done everything in my power to contain behaviours within our room rather that incidents happening in the open. I am torn as I would hate for one of my students to come across rude comments or a troll when using a blog, this would be so devastating especially when their behaviours stem from academic frustrations. I am willing to put my toes in the water and start a class blog!


  3. Jeg personelig har aldri vært så glad i gult jeg da. Men kjenner man blir påvirket av trender ja. Så i kombinasjon med f.eks turkis eller lilla er det faktsik litt stilig. Men hadde nok ikke gått for gult alene. Uansett, så er det kjekt med oppussing! Lykke til med plngiegglanen!! :)God helg videre!Klem Beate


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