Am I a slacktivist?

In the article The death of slacktivism I found that many of the ways we support these online movements are trendy and shallow.  Ifrance do understand that the benefits of the digital world allow more people to become involve with the cause. However I feel it is great to be aware of a cause but I don’t think much will change with a few likes, or a name on a petition. I am much like Brittney, in the sense I am a do-er.  I also believe that these organizations that people support need more than a few likes to keep going.  Just like Nathan I was defiantly skeptical about the Facebook option to change your profile to be overlaid by the France Flag.  There was absolutely nothing about the overlay that would support France in anyway and I also thought how would the ever find out I even care.  I had no idea that my opinion of the France flag overlay had anything to do with the slacktivism debate.

The article I Get It: You Don’t Like Slacktivism. Now Shut Up. Only Don’t it pointed out that little time or thought is needed to support these causes. I do understand that awareness is built through the online presence and circulation of the campaigns.  The ALS ice bucket challenge did build awareness through online media presence, but I feel that many people may not have sent in pledges rather just made a video to be YouTube famous.  Unfortunately I watched way to many videos on my Facebook feed of buckets slipping out of people hands.

I did enjoy a few points from the article The Real Problem with Slacktivism.  First I do understand that we all like to feel good, and by doing good things we can make this happen. Through this perceived
we are made to think that we have helped .  However I disagree in with the statement that slactivism isn’t helping it is just making things worse, I believe that slacktivism build awareness.  Donating to a cause can be more than stuffing an envelope, you can donate time and become part of the online trend in helping out too!!