Petite Turkey Meatloaves

imgresThis week I decided I would try another turkey recipe, mysteriously it is Turkey Tuesday.  I like to use ground turkey in most recipes in place of ground beef.  At Costco you can get a 4 pack  for around $20.00, if you buy each package separately at your grocery store they can cost between $6.00-8.00 each.

I ha20160209_180012ve really become a fan of the website Skinnytaste, I enjoy browsing recipes that have been shared on my Facebook feed, then I just click save on the ones I like.   Today my recipe of choice is Petite Turkey Meatloaves. I have all the ingredients that are needed for the 20160209_165038recipe with exception of the spice marjoram.  There are not many ingredients in the recipe so I think I will add some random spices from my cupboard in place of the marjoram.


20160209_16473520160209_17024720160209_170450This recipe was super easy to prepare.  After I did my mixing I was able to do a few other things while they cooked.  I like putting meatloaf into my muffin tins as they are perfect portions and they also freeze well.  I have learned that you need  to spray your muffin pan if you don’t want a headache after you are done cooking, and then the cleaning is even worst.  When I first started using my muffin pan in meal prep I actually bought new ones as I thought that would help the release factor.  The new pans are better but the spray is mandatory!

I really love my20160209_171446 rice cooker, just set it and forget it.  I have started mixing my brown rice with quinoa.  It always comes out great and super healthy as opposed to white rice.


Well I have to say that I have tried many types of lil turkey burgers in my muffin tin, but the glaze on these is what makes them so yummy.  I also have learned that sauteing the onions is an important step, better flavor, as they onion wont cook well from raw.  I recommend giving this recipe a try!!  Let me know how it goes!