3rd online class is a charm!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new category in my blog.  My name is Chalyn Smith and I am currently on a mat leave, when I am in the classroom you can find me at Kitchener Community School’s SLC class.  My classroom focuses on providing a safe, nurturing and caring environment where my students feel comfortable building relationships with all team members and students. I strive to meet each student’s social, emotional, behavioral and educational needs. I encourage and focus on the strengths of our students.

This is my20170112_121947 third online course with Alec and Katia.  This semester I am facing a few challenges. I am a new mom, so finding an online class lets me stay at home while figuring out this tiny human.  I also have to admit that I like blogging, being able to tell my story and hopefully entertain along the way.

When I started my mat leave division office required me to turn in my laptop, I begged to keep it but tech services mentioned they have sent police at times to repo equipment. I only realized that I would need a computer to use as the two classes I signed up for approached, and don’t have a home computer.  I figured using my cell phone or smart tv would be too challenging.  I had a an idea, I could borrow one from my uncle, he’s a lawyer and probably has like, ten extra kicking around his office.

Well, the laptop that he gave me is quite fast but I am sure it is from about 2000. 27303113611_5c76e50568_t I was excited as I had a laptop that I could use and I didn’t have to buy one as that was my other choice.  however, one morning as I lay awake in bed it dawned on me that this sweet machine doesn’t have a webcam.

I decided while at Walmart to buy a webcam that would just plug-in.  I asked an associate and he told me they didn’t even carry a webcam.  Luckily I strolled down an isle and found a $30.00 one.  But I decided that I would stop by Visions instead and use my $40.00 gift card.

Walk into Visions carrying my little man in his baby bucket, cause shopping is so fun lugging around a car seat.  I locate a sales person and ask for a webcam, he laughs and tells me that they no longer sell the as most laptops now have they built-in.  I then decide to buy one off VarageSale.

imgresIf you are not familiar with VargaeSale I suggest it is something you might want to check out, it is a buy and sell app on a cell phone or a site on the computer.  You can quickly find things you are looking to buy or write up ads and sell your stuff.

Okay back to my story, sitting in the Visions parking lot I find an ad on Varagesale for a $5.00 webcam in the Northend.  I make my way to the house, and place the coins in the sellers hand.  At this moment her dog pops out of the house, I tell her not to worry as I have a big Siberian Husky cross and by the looks of things this mangy think is harmless.  The dog then darts off the steps onto the street and into a yard across the street.  The seller, standing in her house coat with no shoes is forced to chase the dog through the snow as he is not responding to his name. I attempt to call the dog and help her but the more we call him the farther he runs.  I have no idea what to do, yell thanks for the webcam and drive away?? I opened the house door as I saw a brother or boyfriend and mention thumbnail_20160824_211401” you should help her, your dog ran away and she has no shoes and is chasing him”.  He slowly makes his way outside and lures the dog into the car.  This was by far the oddest Varagesale story.  Do you have a funny story about buying or selling something? Please share!

And that my friends is the story of how I connect to class, in case you wondered about the quality of my $5.00 webcam, just check me out on Zoom.

My learning goals for the semester are:

  1.  To make myself comfortable on Twitter and make time for Twitter chats.
  2.  I would also like to explore some new techie teaching ideas that would allow me integrate technology into early years classrooms, as I hope to soon teach the youngest learners.  I think now is the time to get some fresh ideas as I have typically worked with middle years.
  3.  I will work hard to come up with something creative for my summary of learning.  Previously I used animation software to present my ideas, this time I am going to try something new.  If you have any ideas of something I should look into that wont baffle me too much, please let me know.