Reflecting on my Healthy Lifestyle Journey

I can’t believe it has been four months since I first started on my healthy lifestyle journey. I will give full credit to ECI 831 and the Major Digital project that was assigned to me. This project has started my initial push to to move from the idea of becoming healthier with the action plan, and then putting the plan in motion.

I have always wanted to learn more about healthy eating and lifestyle.  Not often do you get to choose something that you want to learn in a University course. I wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity to focus on me and something that I typically wouldn’t have time for and reflecting on my journey through blogging.  I highly enjoyed learning and documenting it all online.  I could post whatever I like and each week, I managed to choose my recipe and try something new.  I loved the fact that the comments would roll in, as others wanted to try my recipes or had their own to share.

This project taught me a few lessons other then learning how to lead a healthier lifestyle in terms of nutrition and exercise.  Learning from others online was so uniquely new for me.  I have been taught that learning comes from book and research.  This course taught me that I could be responsible and in control of my own learning.   I managed to find many online communities to help motivate me and learn from.  I have come to understand that with the rapid rate of growing technology and MOOCs I should facilitate an opportunity like this for my own students.

I looked forward to taking the time to work on my digital project every week.  Even one new recipe a week, in a busy lifestyle we often don’t make time for ourselves our own learning.  It did not feel like homework, it was fun, the shopping, the creating and the blogging. I never once felt the grad student stresses of having to complete assignments and hand in lengthy papers.

This semester I managed to plan and take the time for myself and work on my healthy lifestyle.  I also believe that I will continue acquiring knowledge as my little one is coming into this world.  Health is so very important as we get older but also to teach our students and children about managing their health and investing in their selves.

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I hope I have inspired my readers to learn something new, or at least try a new recipe. It doesn’t have to be a healthy lifestyle journey! Whatever you choose to learn it is never that hard with the support of online communities and other bloggers.