My Digital Learning Project



I have thought long and hard to figure out my Learning Project.  In fact, this is the second time I have typed this out. Have to love how things tend to disappear; uuughhhh there was also no recover the last version option available. So here, I go again my learning project.  I hope that this time around I have simplified it. Over the next semester, I plan to learn about a healthy lifestyle.  I am hoping that the skills that I learn will allow me to continue to grow in terms of health and nutrition.  All too often, we are guilty of neglecting out health and fitness.  I think that as an adult you have to begin to take health seriously. I am hoping that my learning will have direct affect on my family and my students. I do the majority of cooking and shopping at my home. I usually share my lunch and snacks with my students; they tend to hover over my desk. My goal is to blog twice a week about new foods or products that I have tried, or perhaps a fun tip or article I have read.  Wish me luck; I look forward to sharing my online Journey with you!!

The best way to present my Learning Project is through a list format.  I know it seems like a lot, but it is manageable.

  • I will choose and prepare healthy food
    1. I will include 2 meals and snacks everyday
    2. I will read labels and the best possible choices
    3. I will make meals and snacks at home
    4. I will prepare snacks so that they are ready to go
    5. I will try one new recipe a week and blog about it
    6. I will avoid packaged foods
  • I will eat more fruits and vegetables
  • I will choose foods with little or no added sugar
  • I will avoid eating after 8PM
  • I will drink at least 4L of water a day
  • I will choose whole grains
  • I will inform myself about healthy lifestyles through media and text.
  • I will incorporate technology into my healthy lifestyle
    1. I will use the App My Fitness Pal to log the food and drink that I consume daily and keep with in recommended amount. I will do research and seek expert advice on what exactly this magic number should be.
    2. I will also use a Fit Bit to record my activity and I will strive to meet my goal of 12,000 steps a day
  • I will stay active
    1. I will attend 2 fitness classes a week
    2. I will also aim to walk my dog daily
  • I will seek to collaborate with an online community and experts in the field to learn as much as I can along the way. I believe that there is much to gain about health and nutrition from those around us.

Grocery cart filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables.