Recipe of the week Protein Balls

TSnapchat-2095508849808886167his week I figured that I would make a snack that I could munch on whenever I needed a little something.  I got this Protein Ball recipe from a friend Jen,pballs but there are many variations available online. I added some flax, chia seeds, and chocolate chips to make the recipe a little more hearty.  Next time I think I will add some coconut, hemp hearts and raisins. I will keep them in a container inpballs1 the freezer and just take out what I need.  I decided that they are best cold or semi frozen.  These little bite size protein balls were absolutely delicious.  I just need to convince my husband to try one.  I brought them to work and Kayla thought they were delicious too.  Have you ever tried a protein shake or using protein powder in recipes ? If you are interested in adding a protein shake to your routine I can suggest some of the ones I have tried, just let me know!