Omg too crazy, and ohh I have an idea!!!

Okay about the OMG too crazy, it all started when Danielle commented on my blog post last week about being a new mom and collaborating this semester.

chalynI replied to her  and mentioned adding her to a Regina Facebook group for fall babies, as I just recently added Justine. Danielle’s stealthy skills allowed her to find me on Facebook. Last night we chatted through Facebook messenger and we quickly learned that our babies are the same age. Danielle put it together that they actually share a birthday, and we were at the hospital at the exact same time. The babes were just born 12 hours apart. She then went on to say that she was already in the Facebook group for fall babies.  Danielle connected that we are even taking the same Wednesday night class together.  This gal totally gets me, talk about collaborating!!  danielleThen I checked out her Blog.  Danielle has been blogging for quite some time, it is apparent from all her categories and tags.  She is even blogging about our EC&I 814 class. I am sure if anyone has any questions about WordPress, Danielle has the answers.

Side note, this old laptop surprised me with how easy it was to capture a print screen.  At first I used my googlecell phone to take pictures of Danielle’s and my blog but it looked like garbage.  Then I did what anyone would do, I googled. I managed to make my pictures way more appealing to my audience, woohoo! A huge upgrade from some of my other blog posts last year, where I would upload cell phone picture. Yay me!

Now for my idea for the course prototype project.  I asked a colleague of mine Aimee if she would like to pair up, I then asked if Justine would like to join us. Aimee, Justine and I are all Elementary teachers and wanted to incorporate a First Nation focus. A few days later Aimee asked if Rochelle could join our group as she had some neat ideas for us to explore.  I told the gals that we would jump in the Zoom room rather than meet up.  I liked the idea of a Zoom meet as I have a lil babe who likes to keep me at home and I know Justine also has a wee babe and lives about an hour away.
treaty During our Zoom meeting we decided to explore a unit on Treaty Relationships. I personally think that now is the time for reconciliation  because there is so much ignorance and mis-education when it comes to First Nations and Treaties. Also, working in a school that is home to 97% First Nation students is reason enough to explore First Nation culture. Rochelle mentioned that she did some work with the Office of the Treaty Commissioner this summer, breaking the lessons in the treaty kits down into big ideas. Our group is going to tailor the unit for a grade 3 group.  We figured that Google Classroom would be a great platform for us to use as it offers a blended learning

Well that is it for now.  If anyone has tips on Google Classroom, please share as I have never used it before.  Also please share any experience in teaching the treaties in your classrooms.


17 thoughts on “Omg too crazy, and ohh I have an idea!!!

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  1. Nice job, Chalyn! That is hilarious the way our world is so small. I love using Zoom for meeting up and talking things out. Although we have meetings at work using Zoom and I admit every so often I find myself getting distracted by other work far more easily than if I was actually in a room with my colleagues. But it is great to connect with people!

    Your project plan sounds great! I’m looking forward to seeing what you four pull together and how it turns out!


    1. I was suggested this web site by means of my cousin. I’m now not certain whether or not this post is written through him as no one else understand such specific appoaximrtely my trouble. You’re amazing! Thanks!


  2. Danielle is a passionate blogger and educator. I think you will really enjoy getting to know her. She is amazing! I am excited to see how your project unfolds. I am also an early childhood educator and our group used Zoom for a meeting this week as well. It is awesome learning how to use all these tools! All the best this next week. – Jorie


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